HEAVYZEB LIFESTYLE is a multifaceted brand specializing in ART, FASHION, and SOUND. Founded by MaCMuwsA in 2010, the name is an homage to his roots in North Miami where Haitian youth always mix Creole and English. ‘ZEB’ coming from the term “grass” in creole, was often used as code to describe cannabis. As a young hustler MaCMuwsA popularized the term ‘HEAVY ZEB’ to his circle. So much that they would jokingly say that he should name his company after the phrase. Forever the visionary, he did just that in hopes of merging culture and cannabis in the future.
However, as time went by MaCMuwsA found deeper meaning to the name as he stopped consuming cannabis for years during the early days of his entrepreneurship journey. The name of HEAVYZEB conceptualized THE HIGHEST LEVEL. MaCMuwsA began to challenge himself and his peers to always live, think, hustle and perform at the highest level. He emphatically emphasized the importance of thinking above the barriers and expectations that society has placed on us. We have to think above racism, hate, religion, above all the negative barriers that the past generations have placed upon us.

This led to his business partner/wife MJ joining the team in 2013. She automatically resonated with the message and begin to build with the man she deems as the most hardworking genius I’ve ever met. Often called “The Army of Two” these two have put in years of work and dedication to make sure that the HEAVYZEB Flag is cemented in history. From filming and editing visuals, recording their own projects, to providing marketing for other businesses. The founders have set the tone for the future employees and partners of the brand.

What’s Next? HEAVYZEB LIFESTYLE has recently moved its operations to Ottawa, Canada. The relaunch of the brand begins June 30th and shows a very promising future. “It’s time to expand and inspire the next generation of creatives and entrepreneurs. This time we’re launching our clothing line to inspire and bring fresh new energy into the world of fashion. The clothes are an extension of the brand and will give hustlers and entrepreneurs fuel to live life on the highest level while still making a fashionable statement. We have also just launched the  HITS 4 SALE platform , which will be providing licensing and ownership opportunities for artists and helping them write and produce better records. From designing clothes to the music production, HEAVYZEB LIFESTYLE looks forward to providing opportunities to young creatives who are ready to take it the the highest level.
Only way to go from here is UP!